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Grizzly Marketing Inc., an online marketing agency in New York, is pleased to announce some very exciting offers for select businesses in the United States. Grizzly is now offering a free full website SEO audit and one month free SEO consultation for eligible businesses. To benefit from these offers, companies must apply on this link. A specialized team is in charge of preselecting the companies. Once qualified, these SMEs can receive a 15% discount on all Internet marketing services in New York for the first three months.

Grizzly New Marketing, Inc.

Grizzly has been in the SEO industry for over two decades now, always taking a transparent, step-by-step approach. They have organized several SEO packages for regional, national and e-commerce clients with personalized Internet marketing services in New York according to each business’s needs. The company takes this opportunity to share that since 2015, it has been Google Selected Premier Partner for SMEs. “Grizzly New Marketing is handpicked by Google as a Premier SMB Partner. Grizzly works closely with businesses to help develop and optimize the performance of online campaigns,” said F. van de Peppel, team at development of strategic partnerships at Google for Northern Europe.

As a Google-selected Premier Partner for SMBs, the dedicated team consults with Google frequently on how best to improve and enhance the customer experience. This online marketing agency in New York has also collaborated with Google and launched a Google Hero training program for its employees. Training is provided at Grizzly’s office as well as Google’s office. So what can clients expect from internet marketing services in New York? First and foremost, the twenty years of existence in the industry and the vast experience they have in business niches and industries.

Grizzly Marketing Inc., an online marketing agency in New York

The next compelling reason is their transparent, holistic and results-oriented approach. By working with these specialists, businesses will understand how, as a marketing agency, they have achieved tremendous success through online growth and expanding their business to other countries. Grizzly New Marketing follows dynamic and constantly changing search engine algorithms and responds immediately to these changes. This is one of the most critical steps to achieving top ranks and maintaining that position for a long time. The objective of this online marketing agency in New York is to be in constant contact with the target audience, customers, partners and search engines. And to do that, their campaigns are subject to scrutiny and updates every year.

About Grizzly New Marketing, Inc.

Grizzly New Marketing, Inc., established in 2001, is the search engine specialist currently operating from offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and New York. With more than 180 specialists on board, the company has helped several niche SMEs optimize their websites and grow online. Also awarded as the fastest growing company in the Netherlands for 4 consecutive years from 2017 to 2020 by FD Gazelle, Grizzly New Marketing was also featured under FT1000 in the same category in 2020 by the Financial Times.



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Grizzly New Marketing, Inc.


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