Marvans Mobile’s online store serving customers across India


The new popular online destination to shop for the latest iPhones and accessories,, has seen a steady increase in its reach and presence over the past 2 years and now serves customers across India.

What started in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat, has an electronics retail outlet, by a young entrepreneur who has grown over time to become not only one of the most popular in the city, but such a brand on its own, that people from all over the country visit it to buy their favorite iPhones and accessories.

Visit their social media handles @wahidmarvanspro and the 100,000 subscribers and thousands of authentic happy customer stories and testimonials are enough to create awareness of the strength of the brand and its offline and online presence.
There are stories of people visiting not only nearby cities but also places as far away as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala, who visited the city and the store to buy an iPhone.
The main reason for this popularity, besides the affordable prices, is the customer relationship and customer service provided by the store and its team.
Led by owner-founder Mr. Wahid Badami, the store team ensures that your store visit is a memorable experience. With a personality to match his big heart, Mr. Wahid personally welcomes every visiting customer when he is present, not only helping them choose the best phone within their budget, but also, leaving a fond imprint in the customer’s memory.

Marvans Mobile has 3 stores across Vadodara, each with their own unique architecture and interiors. A lifelong Apple fan, Mr. Wahid is passionate about the design and technology that goes into making these products. Visit the store on OP Road and you’ll see the first generation iPhone open and framed in a display case, with the latest generation iPhone similarly placed next to it. The design and vibe as soon as you enter the store is enough to make you realize the effort and time put into designing the whole store and experience.

Mr. Wahid, a successful entrepreneur, is very meticulous and detail oriented and this is probably what contributed to his success. He understands technology with the intention of staying on top. This is reflected in the highly organized and tech-backed systems he uses to run 3 physical stores from his one office, to his digital marketing, which with 100,000 subscribers is a testimony in itself.
The online store, another initiative of Mr. Wahid, was set up not only to increase awareness and reach of the Marvans brand, but also to create a platform to serve customers across the country, by helping them get their favorite iPhone at an affordable price.
Every business and businessman has a unique story, and the story of Marvans Mobile and Mr. Wahid Badami is one of dedication and aspiration.


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