Marvans Mobile, an online store created by Wahid Badami to deliver Apple products


A true entrepreneur not only owns growth, but can also foresee the future and act accordingly. Both traits were unmistakably displayed by Wahid Badami, owner of Marvans Mobile. Thanks to its strategies, the Gujrat-based company now has a clientele spread across India. Wahid was aware of the internet revolution in India and the role social media can play in giving a renaissance to the changing dynamics of Indian business. Which lead to marvans to launch an online store.

The company based in Vadodara; Marvans enjoyed unprecedented success under Wahid’s leadership. He deals with Apple products which he himself is a strong fan of and makes these products available to customers across the country at affordable prices.

Marvans journey began about 10 years ago when Wahid, a young boy, was looking to start his entrepreneurial journey. He was a big supporter of Apple, the company and its products, but noticed that most of Apple products were not affordable for a larger part of Indian consumers and he decided to work on accessibility and the affordability of these products. This is how Marvans Mobile was born.

The main driver of Marvans growth has been the power of technology and social media. He himself was the victim of a cyberattack once, but his never say die attitude allowed him to bounce back strongly and now Marvans Mobile has over 302,000 social media followers. They run a social media campaign under the hashtag “Marvans hai toh mumkin hai” where new engaging content is posted to persuade and attract customers. They are the only users of Snapchat’s AD network among Vadodara Mobile retailers.

Wahid says, “Knowing your target is crucial. by answering questions about how online marketing can boost business. The next essential thing is to assemble the ideal teams for content creation and marketing activities. The goal should be to keep up with the current trend and deliver engaging content.

Marvans has done a lot of experimentation and risk taking to facilitate the growth they are currently enjoying and they believe that customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal for all entrepreneurs.


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