Limitless, the online marketing agency present at WebSummit Lisbon


Limitless Agency, one of the largest online marketing agencies in Romania, is the only company in this sector to have been selected by Huawei Ads to speak about the potential of the advertising and e-commerce market in Romania, at the WebSummit Lisbon , the biggest technology event in Europe. .

An increasingly unpredictable consumer behavior, the desire to sell quickly at low prices and the existence of numerous advertisers in Romania are the main conclusions on the advertising market in Romania presented by Limitless Agency at the WebSummit Lisbon. In addition, the constant testing of the target audience on different promotion channels and the use of more and more automation tools for precise targeting and higher sales are other trends representative of the local market, where the he e-commerce industry is as competitive as Western Europe’s, according to Unlimited Agency.

“We have seen a major shift from new algorithms across major ad platforms to more automated ways of creating ads. The main lesson for us is that to be successful in online marketing, especially e-commerce, you need to use internal data and analyze your business, numbers and products to see what really works, not what you think. function. Once you have the data you need to promote these products in real time using technology, because nowadays it is much more difficult to predict consumer behavior. We believe that in the future, the Romanian digital environment will be impacted by artificial intelligence and new technologies, with online marketing being increasingly automated and promotion being done using data, which will be more and more complex,” explained Daniel Ene, Marketing Director. & Partner Limitless Agency, at the Huawei Ads masterclass at WebSummit Lisbon.

According to him, the main challenge in the Romanian advertising market is the greater number of advertisers influencing the continuous increase of the CPC (cost per click) of Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. Thus, to differentiate itself in the market and ensure sales growth by optimizing customers’ advertising budgets, Limitless Agency includes in its promotional campaigns HERO products, the most attractive to consumers and validated by the market, to increase sales and income. At the same time, it uses modern technologies and tools for deep analysis of consumer data. Limitless also uses Huawei Ads technology to target a wider audience at better costs.

“Mobile already represents 95% of the engagement rate for online purchases. Many still believe that mobile is the future when mobile has been around for many years. We need to think about the advertising channels currently used and find new creative ways to create ads for these platforms and test audiences, messages, etc. It is important to test promotion channels because if the product is good and at a great price, sales can be easily increased,” added Daniel Ene, Chief Marketing Officer & Partner Limitless Agency, during the best practices presentation. in the field at WebSummit Lisbon.

Held this year in Lisbon, Portugal, November 1-4, WebSummit is the world’s largest technology solutions event, bringing together more than 71,000 attendees from 160 countries, more than 1,000 speakers, more than 2 500 startups, over 2,000 media agencies and over 1,000 investors.


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