Japanese Tenugui store called “KAMAWANU” opens global online store on Tuesday, March 1, 2022


Before the onset of COVID-19, customers living abroad could see the actual products in stores and stores, but now that KAMAWANU has entered the era of the new normal and the environment has changed drastically, KAMAWANU’s products are only available in a limited number of overseas stores. Besides, KAMAWANU has received many inquiries from overseas users to purchase products through the official online store and SNS. With this opportunity, KAMAWANU has decided to open a global online site “KAMAWANU Global Online Store” in the hope of “communicating and delivering”Japan articles to users around the world.

The product line consists of four categories: tenugui, which has more than 100 types of classic and modern patterns; the cotton and linen tenugui, which is a pleasant blend of fabrics; the scarf, which can be used as a scarf or as a bandana for the hair; and the Pocket Square, which is a pea-sized tenugui that can double as a cocktail chef.

Improved online content related to SRS

Share the HOW TO USE Tenugui with the worldwide

  • What is “The Tenugui Times”?

KAMAWANU will feature “The Tenugui Times”, an Instagram-related content, on the live site. When customers post on Instagram with the hashtag #TenuguiTimes, it will appear on the corresponding page, and sharing not only their own use but also that of other users, the content will allow two-way communication between the brand and online users.

  • Sending tenugui usage information depending on the scene.

On this site, KAMAWANU will sequentially publish videos specializing in “how to use”. The videos will suggest how to use them in everyday life, focusing on dining, cooking and fashion. Even those new to tenugui can discover styles and ideas that are easy to understand.

Two pop-up stores at new York and San Francis

To celebrate the opening of the KAMAWANU Global Online Store, KAMAWANU will open pop-up stores in new York and San Francisco from Tuesday, March 1 for Monday, March 7, 2022. This pop-up store will be held in two locations, new York and San Francisco, at FRONT GENERAL STORE, a popular vintage store that attracts customers from all over the world, and SF76, an interior design store that introduces Japanese lifestyle products to the American public. The tenugui will be displayed in their original packaging during the event.


Official website: https://frontgeneralstore.com/


Official website: https://www.sf-76.com/

What is TENUGUI: Spirit of the game, different ways to use, Kamawanu’s tenugui.

Tenugui is said to have been used since the Heian period (around the 9th century). Wipe hands and face. To wrap things up. To clean. It is a versatile item that has been ingrained in Japanese life since ancient times and can be used for a variety of purposes. The attraction of the tenugui is that more we wash the softer it becomes to the touch. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is a daily necessity that can be used for a long time and it is a small artifact in daily life.

TENUGUI is sustainable: more we wash the more it takes on its own flavor.

from Japan world famous hand-dyeing technique, “Chu-sen”. Chu-sen is a hand-dyeing technique by pouring dye into yarn, which was established in the Meiji era and only spread in Japan. The fabric is dyed with dye to the yarn, so that the fabric does not become harsh, easily absorbs water and dries easily. The pattern is reversible, and more users wash it, the tastier it becomes, so they or they can appreciate changes over time. The dyeing is done by hand by artisans. The dyeing process differs with weather and humidity, so adjusting the hardness of dye and resist paste according to temperature and weather is a feat of many years of experience. Even so, each piece is unique, which is a charm. most buyers use them, the softer they become to the touch, and the more colors and dyed fabrics gradually become familiar. Just like jeans, people can enjoy growing them.

Because it is made by hand dyeing, it is not something that can be mass-produced at once, but it can be done because it can be made according to demand, thus reducing the production losses. In addition, the liquid waste generated at the plant during production is handled appropriately, and KAMAWANU is produce products with nature in mind. KAMAWANU complies with from Japan Sewer Act and properly treat sewage effluent in factories according to the guidelines of the municipalities where each plant is located.

  • Over 100 timeless designs

For this version, 100 patterns were selected from 500 patterns. The patterns cover a wide range from classic designs to modern designs. In Japan, there are many patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation that make sense and are filled with wishes. The “Asanoha(hemp leaf)” is a wish for the growth of children, inspired by the growth of hemp, and the “Seigaiha(ocean waves)” is a symbol of good fortune, depicting endlessly spreading waves. KAMAWANU offers lucky charms that have been loved in Japan a long time to integrate into our daily lives. On the other hand, KAMAWANU has also created many original designs for Kamawanu. the The goal is to create timeless designs that will still be appreciated 100 years from now.

TENUGUI is versatile.

A single piece of tenugui, which combines functionality and design, can be used as a hand towel or bandana due to its breathability and wearability, as well as a wall art or table runner to be enjoyed due to its variety of designs. It is very environmentally friendly and can be used again and again for various purposes. The longest people use it, more they or they will love it.



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