Instagram’s new product tagging option makes it an online store


Instagram just announced a new tagging option that will make anyone feel like an influencer promoting a product. Now you can tag products in your photos like you tag your friends.

The feature existed before, but it was only available to business and creator accounts. But over the next few months, everyone will be able to use it and make Instagram even more of an online store than it already is.

As I mentioned, tagging a product will be pretty much the same as tagging a person. Once you’ve uploaded your photo or video and given it a caption, tap the arrow/next, then tap “Tag Products.” Then tap any area of ​​your photo/video, find the products you want to tag, then select them as they appear in the search box.

It’s important to note that this only works with businesses or creators who have registered an Instagram Shop, and that makes sense. But the tagging option will now be available to everyone, and that’s the biggest change. Over the next few months it will roll out across the US, but I expect it to roll out globally as well.

“What do I get out of it”, you might be wondering. Well, none other than the feeling that you helped promote your favorite small business. In fact, that’s what Instagram says is the main purpose of these extended product tags.

Now, shopping is nothing new on Instagram. The platform announced it back in 2016, and we’ve seen it evolve and change over that time. We’re all used to the fact that Instagram isn’t primarily a photo-sharing app anymore, right? Even Instagram’s own boss says so.

Trying to beat the competition, Instagram has become a bit of everything: a bit of Facebook and Messenger, a bit of Snapchat, and more recently a lot of TikTok too. But with this new tool, it seems to me that Instagram’s latest model is Amazon.

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