Important features of an online store website


Here are the most important features of an online store website.

No matter how well thought out your online store website is, customers are attracted to your website once it offers benefits in these areas. They include intuitive design tools, eye-catching designs, and personalized user experience. Everything a customer is looking for can be summed up in these three categories.

Most eCommerce online store websites have amazing features that help most eCommerce businesses increase their sales and grow their business. Shopboxo offers many tools that help business owners create a free online store website.

Several features are important for your online store website. Here are some of the important features of an online store website.

Easy to use design

Not every business owner who wants to take advantage of the online space to grow their business knows how to create a website. To cut that slack, most online store websites offer designs that help businesses set up a functional online store without worrying about web design or web development expertise.

To improve the customer experience, you need to work on these areas:

  1. Create a simple homepage.
  2. Add a search bar.
  3. Clearly indicate your category in the navigation bar.

What every customer expects from an online store website is a user-friendly experience. Once your customer finds it difficult to navigate your website, they will move on to the next easy-to-use online store website.

Important features of an online store website

Compatible with mobile devices

According to statistics, a greater percentage of people are mobile device users. A business growth strategy is all about leveraging trends to push the boundaries of your business growth.

Your potential customers want to browse the online store on their phone. When you make your online store website mobile-friendly, you reach a large percentage of your customers.

Once your online store is mobile friendly, you increase your conversion rate and make your customer happy.

Several payment gateways

It can be frustrating when paying for your order is difficult or there is a delay in fulfillment successful payments. No customer wants to deal with such stress.

Making it easy for customers to shop makes it easy to close deals. You also deal with the problem of abandoned carts when you have multiple payment gateways that facilitate payments.

24 hour customer service

Providing a good experience to your customer is very important and contributes to the success of your business. When your customer has access to fast customer service.

As a business owner, you need features that will give your customers quick feedback on any request they make about your products and services.

Shopboxo offers you an automated chat box that gives customers quick feedback on any inquiries they make regarding products and services, as well as other dissatisfactions they wish to report regarding a product they have purchased or a service that they used.

Detailed product information

As a newbie business owner in the online space, your customers are usually skeptical about buying your brand, especially when it is not known.

Customers usually face the challenge of not being able to touch or even test a product they want to buy. You must work to convince them that they are making the right choice by choosing your product.

To convince your customers that your product is worth every penny they’re willing to part with, you need to focus on providing detailed product information.

Your product information should contain details such as size, material, color, ingredients, and origin. You can also add a high resolution image showing each angle of the product. Items like clothing are best displayed on a model’s body.


Several other features characterize a typical online store website which are intertwined in the above. A major consideration you need to keep in mind when choosing an online store website is your user experience. Sure, your preference matters, but your user experience is more important if your business is to thrive. To thrive in your online business, you must be prepared to hear your customer’s voice louder than your own in some way.


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