How to turn an online store into a profitable business?


When the active phase of the covid restrictions began, many representatives of offline businesses, who were constantly postponing opening an online store, rushed to do so in order to maintain their position in the market. The need of customers heavily dependent on offline sites was particularly relevant. For example, when choosing shoes or clothes, the buyer always prefers to try and inspect the product before buying. In addition, in our country there is a large percentage of fakes that sellers photograph, process photos and display with a “brand price tag”.

Practice shows that only about 15% of startups in the e-commerce segment are financially successful. Designing and developing a sales web resource is only a small part of the job. How to enter the niche of successful projects and bring an online store to life? Why are e-commerce consulting servicesм so important?

Formulation of goal and objectives

Online business operates according to the same classic laws as offline business. Much has been written about goal setting, but most young entrepreneurs overlook this factor. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this. In the CIS, users prefer “recognition in force”, when a pilot project is created instead of a traditional consultancy, and according to the difficulties and promotion prospects, the entrepreneur determines the market opportunities.

A professional approach should in any case include strategic research and the formulation of a basic strategy: business model, marketing support, logistics and process monetization.

Platform selection

As the business grows, specific complexities and needs arise. If an entrepreneur wants to combine a hobby and try to make money online, the Tilda platform is quite suitable. If the resource contains a catalog of several thousand products, you will need an engine capable of scaling the site (for example, WordPress or Magento). Businesses often move their resources from one platform to another as needed.

By the way, a platform in the market can be a great start. Under conditions of limited resources, an entrepreneur must have a product, a small amount for advertising, and a desire to grow. There are many cases where a page ends up becoming a large online store.

Where to find visitors?

The reality is that traffic is practically hard currency today. It can be purchased, redirected, modified or exchanged. Today, there are several main sources from which you can get a user feed:

• Search results. This will require profitable business offers, unique content, and lots of information bullets with a high percentage of relevance. As content optimization tools, you will need SEO promotion knowledge.

• Contextual advertising. Possibly the fastest and easiest way to get targeted traffic. To get started, you need to set up targeting tools, have finances and a product offer.

• Advertising on forums and thematic sites. A simple and effective way to attract users to the site with a minimum budget. In addition to sites, you can use free message boards.

• Social networks. A gold mine for young companies. From the networks it is possible to get traffic with the maximum target. Topic groups and communities can deliver very high quality traffic with high conversion.

This list contains proven and reliable traffic sources that you should work with first. Of course, the final result and financial success largely depend not only on the choice of a source for receiving traffic, but also on the uniqueness of the offer and the quality of the resource. This site will tell you more about it.

Marketing assistance

Tracking, analyzing and predicting user preferences, coupled with thoughtful promotions, will attract and retain a user. Ingenuity in this case is no less important than the relevance of the product. Customers return to marketplaces when they receive high quality service and great offers. In terms of informational support, one should not neglect useful recommendations, informative articles and comprehensive support, including advertising on thematic forums and blogs.


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