D8 Super Store, a Delta-8 THC online store, offers an ever-expanding inventory


HENDERSONVILLE, TN – (NewMediaWire) – September 28, 2022 – D8 Super Store, the largest online retailer of delta-8 products, is home to an experienced cannabis and hemp distribution team. The store tests all products in-house before selling them to customers, ensuring they are free from contamination and comply with applicable regulations. Other ways to give customers the best experience when ordering their favorite delta-8 THC products include fast, free shipping and unbeatable prices (with occasional offers and promotions).

The choice of D8 Super Store brands makes the online retailer an ideal partner for the growing community of cannabis enthusiasts. With the distribution team’s 15 years of experience in delta 8 THC products, they have created great relationships with major brands across the country. With dozens of brands, customers can rest assured that their favorite brand will always be available and can experiment with other new brands. In addition, the store strives to ensure that all products sold, regardless of brand, meet quality standards.

D8 Super Store offers a growing list of new delta 8 THC releases, giving customers more options. New additions include Space Monkey Sour Tangie Live Resin, Delta 8+ THCP Disposable, and DazeD8 Sour White Live Resin Diamond Dab, among others. Besides the team making sure all the latest products from popular brands are available, customers can give more suggestions.

In addition to exciting new releases, customers interested in quality delta 8 and delta 10 THC products at the most affordable prices can go through the sales and clearance category of D8 Super Store. In addition to having dozens of options, the products come from some of the most renowned companies in the country, such as Dozo, Canndy Stick and HoneyRoot. The list also features an assortment of everything from disposables and cartridges to wax pads.

Customers can also purchase products based on categories. D8 Super Store offers a wide selection of THC, THC-V, CBD and Delta 8 gummies for customers interested in edibles for relaxation. The store offers products in different flavors, quantities and sizes (in milligrams) to make shopping easier and faster. Depending on their preferences, they can purchase quality options such as DazeD8 Nerds Delta 8 Gummies 6pc (60mg), 3Chi Black Raspberry 25mg Gummies (16pc), Koi Strawberry 25mg Delta 8 (20pc) and Cactus Labs Sour Delta 8 Gummies ( 10pc).

The most trusted retailer for quality THC pre-rolls also offers over ten products. Options such as DazeD8 Ice Mint OG Delta 8 THC-O Pre Roll (1.5g), DazeD8 Banana OG HHC Pre Roll, and DazeD8 Lime Skunk HHC are priced differently, giving customers more options. In addition, the store offers the DazeD8 gift box, which, in addition to impressive and discreet packaging, is a set of different products.

Online delta-8 dealers have a carefully selected touch for customers interested in powerful power of delta 8. In addition to free shipping and competitive prices (like other products), the store offers nearly 40 products mainly manufactured by DazeD8. They have different flavors, like lemonade, watermelon, apple, and mojito. Popular options (based on reviews) include DazeD8 Grape Gas Delta 8 THC-O Dab (2.5g), DazeD8 Dab & Vape Set, and DazeD8 Cherry Pie Delta 8 Diamond Dab (3g).

Additionally, the store has the largest collection of disposable weed pens for customers interested in smoking hybrid strains with some of the finest ingredients available. Options like Dozo Wedding Cake Delta 8 Disposable and Cake Banana Cookies Delta 8 Disposable are priced competitively because the store has managed to cut out the middleman.

D8 Super Store has an expanding hardware inventory. The products, sourced in the USA and tested for effectiveness, range from simple magnetic ring adapters to dap vape pens. Some popular options for cannabis enthusiasts include Yocan Evolve Plus Quartz Dual Coils, Yocan Evolve Plus Dab Vaporizer Pen, Yocan Evolve Plus Coil Caps, and Yocan Uni Pro Universal 510 Thread Battery.

D8 Super Store is located at 242 W Main St. #364, Hendersonville, TN, 37075, USA. Customers interested in the store’s ever-growing inventory of delta-8 products can contact the online store at (615) 285-9468. Visit the website for more information.

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Company Name: Great store D8

Contact person: Sol Lee

Call: (615) 285-9468

Address: 242 Main Street West #364

Town: Hendersonville

State: NT

Postal code: 37075

Country: WE

Website: https://d8superstore.com/


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