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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–We are proud to announce the opening of our new online store, a drop in japan, featuring Sukajan, a type of classic Japanese bomber jacket characterized by oriental patterns and Japanese embroidery.

These jackets, also known as Sukajan, were first popularized during the turbulent period following World War II. Allied soldiers stationed in Yokosuka ordered souvenir jackets from local tailor shops, and they became known as “Yokosuka Jumpers”. Its current name, the Sukajan, is an abbreviation of the term. Amid struggling business in a post-war economy, Japan’s embroidery artisans made enormous sacrifices to preserve the traditional art.

Today, the use of computerized sewing machines has become the norm in the industry, so the pool of craftsmen who have taken up the torch from their predecessors has shrunk considerably, and hand sewing is rapidly becoming a lost art.

On the other hand, although few in number, there is still a small group of artisans who use traditional treadle-powered sewing machines to make each garment by hand with a method called side weave embroidery (yokofuri shishu).

AT a drop in japan, we have an inventory that includes everything from traditional Sukajan made with computerized sewing machines to various handmade products with traditional “side weave embroidery”.

While international travel and the freedom to shop around the world have been suspended by current circumstances, we hope that we will still have the opportunity to share this tradition of Japanese culture with you.

Our stock is currently limited, so be sure to order as soon as possible.

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