Aussies are embracing unique new ways to shop online


New findings from Paypal have revealed Australians of all ages are embracing online shopping. According to Paypal, 97% of Australians between the ages of 18 and 75 now shop online, making an average of 3 purchases per week!

Australians are also keen to embrace new ways of shopping, including participating in virtual online shopping in the metaverse and letting their smart devices help with their shopping needs.

The metaverse becomes a new digital shopping reality

The Metaverse has become a popular phenomenon among tech heads over the past few years, and now it’s become an online shopping destination.

Paypal found that almost a quarter (23%) of Australians would be interested in shopping in the Metaverse and more than half (51%) of Australians already using the Metaverse have used it for shopping.

Although online games are the most popular reason people use the Metaverse, statistics suggest that online shopping in the Metaverse will continue to grow in popularity.

Shopping via smart devices is gaining popularity

Australians are taking the online shopping experience even further, with 51% saying they are comfortable letting their smart devices (such as fridges and cars) plan their purchases and make purchases. payments for them.

A third of Australians surveyed agree they would like their car to be able to connect to nearby service stations to find the best price. Meanwhile, one in ten say they wish their fridge could show them relevant grocery ads, offers and discounts.

So what does this mean for the future?

Current trends seem to suggest that Australians will continue to shop online at a high rate and will embrace smart new ways of shopping as they become more readily available.

14% of Australians admit to purchasing something through their game console and one in seven have used their smart TV or home device to make a purchase. This number will only increase as appliances such as refrigerators and cars are equipped with the technology needed to help people shop.

At this rate, it may be sooner than we think that our refrigerators are so smart that they automatically start buying the food we’re running out of!

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