Aptera’s online marketing strategy to attract unique brand ambassadors


Unlike a regular Ambassador Program, Aptera is launching a unique Brand Ambassador Program. Usual people like YouTubers, rich or famous people, movie stars and high-end influencers are not selected. Instead, they’re looking for normal, hard-to-find people to interact with online.

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Aptera has prided itself on its weird nature from the start. It’s aiming to make a polarizing-looking car, it’s working with an atypical set of suppliers, and to top it all off, it’s looking to push for serious legislative action that would make the Tesla charging connector the new standard for electric vehicles in the world. United States. With its brand marketing, the company continues its strange nature.

Many brands have used ambassador programs. They allow the brand to quickly and easily connect with someone they believe best embodies their core values. Dodge, in particular, exemplified this approach by naming people with the title “Chief Donut Maker” and paying a series of YouTube personalities to get tattoos with his logo. Aptera took a different approach.

The Brand Ambassador program

Among the “more than 700 global volunteers [that] to put on makeup [their] brand ambassador program,” the company has highlighted four on its website so far; Micheal Brooke, Daniel Ben-Yochannan, Lauren Brimmer and Shine Quashi. Micheal is a bit of a renaissance man; author, film producer and self-proclaimed preacher of the longboarding gospel, Daniel owns a vacation property in the Caribbean, Lauren is a successful MBA who has worked at a series of startups, and Shine is a recent American immigrant from Ghana who works in finance for start-up companies.

It’s clear that Aptera is once again finding its own way in the automotive industry, but it’s unclear if that marketing call has been successful or even if people outside of Aptera fans are establishing some sort of trust in the brand. With so many people now seeing electric vehicle start-ups come and go so quickly over the last 5-10 years, Aptera has a mountain to climb to build consumer confidence in them, because no matter how efficient the advertised car if it ever hits public roads. Aptera’s online marketing strategy, in selecting a brand ambassador program, is very distinctive of the brand. As it highlights the very specific profile of people who are interested in the company and who might go the extra mile to make things happen.


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